.:. Khirbet Qana Pilgrimage Caves


Archaeological evidence from excavations conducted in the cave located at Khirbet Cana suggests that it was utilized as early as the 5th century AD as an early Christian pilgrimage shrine. 

The shrine was utilized through the 12th century and underwent numerous modifications which included the remodeling of floors, re-plastering of walls, and installation of features. 

Textual references from the medieval period describe a pilgrimage cave near Nazareth that commemorates Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine. 

The correspondence of the archaeological data to the textual descriptions supports our conclusion that we have located this historic site. 

Additionally, the use of the cave as a pilgrimage site is consistent with extant examples of other sacred sites in the region also associated with caves. 

Although to date they have not been widely studied, caves are a salient feature of sacred geography in early Christianity. 

This belief may reflect local traditions or be a product of Byzantine influences.

- Holley Moyes


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