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Below you will find links to relevant general maps as well as specialized geospatial data relevant to the Khirbet Qana Project.  From the Flash and Linked Resource Mapping, click the "back" button in your browser to return here; from the Google Earth Mapping, exit Google Earth to return here.

The geospatial data is presented in Google Earth KML / KMZ format which is easily imported into any number of Geographical Information System (GIS) programs.  While best viewed in the user-friendly and widely-distributed Google Earth software, other GIS packages will also display this data.  If you require the datasets in another GIS, graphic or mapping format (such as shapefiles, vector or raster overlays), please contact the website administrator at Contact Puget Sound.

PLEASE NOTE that some of the links below have been removed temporarily for access control reasons.  However, the descriptions below indicate what material is contained in the various directories, and if you would like access to the data, please feel free to contact the website administrator at archaeology@pugetsound.edu and arrangements can be made.

Resource  Mapping

1999 IAA report imaging (Flash slideshow)        1999 IAA report imaging (FlipBook)

Khirbet Qana Geospatial Data

 The following links provide access to geospatial / GIS datasets in KML / KMZ format:

 Overall site GIS:   

 architectural walls        contours        excavations squares        Ground Penetrating Radar



Field I:



Field II:

overall phasing        squares


Field III:



Field IV:



Field V: